Stanford University
Cordura Hall
210 Panama Street
Palo Alto, CA 94305
Principal Organizer
  Ruy De Queiroz
ruy at stanford edu
  Alexei Angelides
Area and Campus Maps
Palo Alto and Stanford University Campus Area Map click here
  These show the major highways connecting surrounding areas to the campus. They also provide a simple map of the campus with the CSLI location marked. Images taken from Google maps.
Visitor's Map of Stanford University Campus click here to download PDF
  High resolution map of the Stanford University campus. Suitable for printing. Also has a convenient index of buildings and provides locations of both visitors and metered parking lots.
Parking Map of Stanford University Campus click here to download PDF
  High resolution map of Stanford University campus, showing all parking areas nd their associated permits. Show location of parking permits sales.
Stanford University Searchable Maps click here
  This page has searchable campus maps and PDFs of all associated Stanford University maps. It also has links to affiliated Google maps of the campus and surrounding areas.
Local Airports
All three of the Bay Area airports are within (usually) 40 minutes to Stanford; and all three service the major airlines.
  SFO (San Francisco) click here
SJC (San Jose) click here
OAK (Oakland) click here
Ground Transport
Supershuttle click here
  Supershuttle is the best, cheapest, and easiest way to get from the airports. Look for the blue vans outside of the airports (usually in the drop-off area). There are always taxis outside the airports as well. Prices from SFO and SJC range from 30$-40$, from OAK prices range from 50-60$. Additionally, each airport has an information kiosk towards the exit. If you would like more options, ask the attendant upon arrival. 
The official hotel is the Sheraton Palo Alto. Call 1-800-325-3535 or 650-328-2800 and mention "WoLLIC 2006 Conference" to get the Stanford rate (189$/night). Or email SheratonReservation@pahotel.com and mention the same as above.
The four hotels below are all within 30 minute walking distance, 5 minute bus rides, and are located in the central downtown area of Palo Alto. If you  would like more, less expensive options, visit the general website, on which is listed accommodation style, distance from Stanford, and price ranges. The official hotel is the Sheraton.
  Westin click here
Terrace Inn click here
Hotel California click here
Cowper B&B click here
General Standford Hotels Website click here
Stanford campus eateries click here
University Avenue restaurants
  Leading directly into Stanford University's main drag, University Avenue is Palo Alto's downtown. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, bookstores, and so on to keep you busy during conference downtimes. Alternatively, there are a number of nice restaurants on California Avenue, a decent walk across campus from CSLI. Click here for a link to Palo Alto area restaurants.