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WoLLIC 2008
15th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
July 1st to 4th, 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland

Travel Information

  • WoLLIC 2008 will take place at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, the capital Scotland.
  • Heriot-Watt University is situated in the Riccarton Campus.
    Here is how to get to the Riccarton Campus by air, bus car, taxi, and rail.
  • Edinburgh airport is situated to the west of the city of Edinburgh and is not far from the Riccarton campus. A Taxi from Edinburgh airport to the Riccarton campus takes about 15 minutes and costs around 12 pounds. This is the advisable way to travel to Riccarton campus (where WoLLIC takes place and where the conference accommodation is in case you book your accommodation with http://www.edinburgh-conference.com/).
  • An alternative (but longer route) to travel from Edinburgh airport to the Riccarton campus is to take the bus. There are two possibilities:
    • Bus number 35 and change to bus number 25 or 34 to Riccarton at any station on Calder Road (costs: 2.20).
    • Bus number 100 (Airlink) to the city center and change to number 25 or 34 to Riccarton (costs 4.10).
  • A taxi from the city center costs also around 14 pounds. You can also get buses from Princess street in the city centre directly to Heriot-Watt.
  • All buses to Heriot-Watt (Riccarton-Campus) stop at the James-Watt Centre (building A on the campus map found here) where the university RECEPTION (OPEN 24 HOURS a DAY) is located. If you take a taxi, ask it to take you to James-Watt centre (the main reception of Herio-Watt Riccarton campus).
  • If you booked accommodation on campus (i.e., you booked your room from http://www.edinburgh-conference.com/), then at the RECEPTION (OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY) at James-Watt centre, you will be given your room key and directed to your accommodation which is literally a couple of minutes walk from the reception (most likely you will be accommodated at one of the residences g, h, i, j, k, l, m of this map).
  • The main reception at James Watt centre will direct you to Earl Moutbatten building (where WoLLIC 2008 takes place). Earl Mountbatten building is building number 3 on this map. Earl Mountbatten building is around 7 minutes walk from the main reception of James-Watt centre.
  • At the RECEPTION (OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY) at James-Watt centre, you will be given a paper copy of the campus map. However, you may want to print it in advance.
  • The symposium takes place every day in room (to be announced) of the Earl Mountbatten building situated on number 3 on this map.
  • In all cases, the receptionists are very helpful at James-Watt centre if you cannot follow the maps.

Last Updated: 2008-05-09